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Artistic Dental Associates

Artistic Dental Associates has maintained a distinguished reputation through out the  Florida area. Dr. Kuwant S. Bedi has served Florida with a caring  smile and gentle hand. After graduating from the University of Louisville in 1976, Dr. K opened his practice here in Florida recognizing the need in the area for quality, caring, and attentive dental care. Dr. K has a degree in General Dentistry but what he offers is much more than that. He and his staff make patients feel comfortable and cared for-like family.

With Dr. Kís guidance, the staff at Artistic Dental Associates takes the time to not only listen to, but also hear the needs and concerns of their patients. The goal at Artistic Dental Associates is to provide the very best dental care available while treating all patients with care, compassion, and honesty. A pat on the shoulder, holding a hand, a hug or just a simple smile helps a patient feel better about the visit. They arenít afraid to put forth the extra effort in making a patient as comfortable as possible, putting humanity back in the sometimes-sterile feeling dental and medical fields.

In recognition of 30 years in Florida, Dr. K and his staff would like to invite you to the office for an exam with x-rays and a personalized consultation. So if you would like an experienced, caring, and long-term dentist in your local area, contact (863) 815-9099.


Contact Artistic Dental Associates today at (863) 815-9099 to make an appointment.

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